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Officers & Board of Directors

Zagray Logo

Connor Bishop

Vice President
Marc Bezanson

Dianne Tewksbury

Art Chester

Safety Officer
Stan Barnes

News Letter Editor
Dianne Tewksbury

Board of Directors
Allen Alonzo
Ken Avery
Ethan Bailey
Stan Barnes
Pete Bucci
Dave Chester
Rick Clewell
Craig Cyr
Karl Hansen
Pete Bezanson
Andy Milardo
Mike Miner
Linda Towne
Paul Towne
Ted Wisniewski

Committe Chairpersons
Buildings -Art Chester
Sawmill – Dave Chester
Machine Shop – William Douglass
Grounds – Ned Tewksbury, Karl Hansen, Jerry Goodale, Robert Lee
Playground – Marc Bezanson
Engines – Connor Bishop
Equipment Maintenance – Aleks Pavlenko
Safety – Stan Barnes
House – Paul Towne, Linda Towne
Construction Equipment – Vacant
Kitchen – Allen Alonzo
Farm Storage and Cleanup
Dave Chester, Karl Hansen,
Steve Chalifoux, Marc Bezanson
Tractor Building
Dave Chester, Mike Minor,
Marc Bezanson, Connor Bishop
Grounds Rental
Sitting President, Allen Alonzo,
Marc Bezanson, Art Chester

Dave Chester

QVEA Contact Information

Quinebaug Valley Engineers Association Inc. (QVEA)
180 South Plumb Rd.
Middletown CT 06457

Email Inquiries -
President -
Conner Bishop
Vice President - Marc Bezanson
Treasurer -
Art Chester
Secretary -
Dianne Tewksbury

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